Consultancy Services for NGO Registration, NGO Funding, Fund Raising, NGO Projects, Documentation

Chanakya Consultancy is NGO Consultancy service provider in India. Chanakya is based in New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Jaipur and Chandigarh. Chanakya provides all kind of consultancy services to Non-Profit Organisations and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) in India. NGO Consultancy Services provided by Chanakya include NGO Registration, Fund Raising for NGOs, Documentation and NGO Management Services. Chanakya provides support and help to increase the capacity building process of NGOs working for mass communities with social purpose. Chanakya delivers technical and legal services to help the NGO in India. Consultancy Services are available to NGOs working in remote and urban areas including the cities and towns of all the states of India. The NGO Consultancy services are conducted for Formation of new NGOs, Project Reports, Fund Raising related technical aspects and process, Legal Services related to NGOs.

During the process of the support work it is clearly noticed that there are many NGOs which are working fine but need real help for documentation and legal activities. The activists, related persons and the management of NGOs working for the welfare of the society always need real support services. The priorities of the NGOs are in absolute implementation of the programmes rather than getting the fund for programmes at real time.

The grassroot level and big NGOs need funds and they look to get the financial support for the betterment of the under privileged section of the society. In this process the NGOs has been looking forward to get the support and implement their programmes in collaboration with ministries and departments of Government of India and state Governments, Indian Support Agencies, other Funding Supporters and Foreign Funding Agencies as the funds provided for different welfare schemes under various projects periodically with certain process. So Chanakya provides documentation, guidance and consultancy service for the need of the getting funds from various funding and support agencies. After getting the allotted funds the NGOs get the success to implement the social programmes. The fund and support can be visible in the form of ray of light for the lives of the needy people for a better tomorrow.

Chanakya Consultancy has a integrated team of dedicated experienced NGO consultants who are expert and professional to provide exact required services. If the NGO clients follow the process with getting consultancy they achieve the satisfaction. Chanakya can help in better way to deliver picture perfect assistance to NGOs on the community development initiatives. Chanakya’s professional fundraising consultants have the ability to provide the proper documentation services for the community development initiatives. So NGOs’ management and operation team can just contact Chanakya for any kind of NGO consultancy service that they like to have and require. Chanakya will provide every-step assistance to guide them the initiatives and objectives they always dreamed of establishing for their NGOs in a better way. This ensures NGO team more time to work on other necessary things like advancing the mission of the NGO.

The expert team of Chanakya Consultancy specialises in funding, donation and support to the NGOs, The Consultancy professionals have good network for communication between supporters and needy organisations with the emerging trend of social media and online communication system. Thus, providing the NGOs flawless integrated result with multichannel fundraising. It delivers honest and professional services to help NGOs to completely arrange resource development process. Chanakya prepares campaign strategies, the development of campaign timetable; the capital goal and its recommendation; identification of the campaign leadership, the organisation of the entire process and finally educating and training of the volunteers.

Chanakya is well experienced in supporting and satisfying Non Profit Organisations and Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and helps them to get their targets with every step. Support and Consultancy process is the mission and target of Chanakya team that NGOs are completely enjoying consultancy services and assistance. Chanakya’s aim is to offer a satisfactory smile to the NGO beneficiaries. It is the well decided vision of the consultancy team to guide the Organisations for Social Welfare through the entire elaborate process starting from the initiatives, plannings, strategies, programmes, fund raising and implementation to achieve their targets and goals.