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Chanakya NGO Consultancy Hindi website

The purpose of penning down an annual report is which acts as a marketing tool which is send to the stakeholders of the organization. This helps them to understand the objectives with mission, vision, projects and the people. Annual report is a very important and crucial part of work of an organization. It gives the accountability to the donors of the organization. This includes a complete report where all the details are furnished of the expenses that organization had to bear and the amount paid as evidence. The annual report is the proof of the transparency of the organization in front of the donors to show that the donations have been used wisely.

It grows the trust of the organization in society and this in return increases the goodwill of the organization in the society. The annual report is very necessary for filing return, the give an impact of the activities of the NGO. It contains the review of the events that have been organized or the amount that has been used and the credibility that it brought to the concern. There is a meeting that is held after the annual report is presented with all the donors or the stakeholders along with the important person of the organization to speak on these matters. It also entails the relation between the creative and the informative part of an organization.

The designing of the annual report is equally important along with the content that is presented. There are project designs and graphics that are needed for the annual report which gives the rightful impact to the donors. The report should be picture perfect with the size, font and paper that are used. If clients are in an utter confusion of the look and the ways allow Chanakya to help NGO team.