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FCRA Registration

FCRA stands for Foreign Country Regulatory Act and it is a registration process to get Foreign Funds in India. NGOs having a definite economic, cultural, educational, social and religious programmes are entitled for the FCRA registration process. NGOs can apply for FCRA even if they are having any foreigner as its member. But the authorities in that case become more strict and vigilant in processing a FCRA application. However, very few authorities are given this chance of when the board members have a foreigner and yet it is a FCRA. It has Amendments, Permanent FCRA, FCRA Registration and Prior Permission which is required.

However it is hard for a NGO to get a FCRA when it is having a foreigner as a trustee as there have been hardly few instances. There are few procedures and complicated situations that are needed to looked at when an organization is claimed to be a FCRA. There are legislations in India which is related to this and need to be followed. So to know the loopholes better you need to understand the rules and the regulations. The formation of a FCRA, the registration, the members all need to be taken care of.

If any NGO wants to get a FCRA registration Chanakya can help out with the expert group of members who know the ways that provide documentation support and the process of the recognition for FCRA. For any kind of help or clarification like NGOs already having FCRA still and need the help in some regard so they can contact Chanakya team. Chanakya consultants would help NGOs in the best they that their matter can resolve through documentation consulting.