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FCRA Registration

FCRA stands for Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act and it is a registration process to get Foreign Funds for Non Profit Organisations (NGOs) in India. NGOs having a definite economic, cultural, educational, social and religious programmes are entitled for the FCRA registration process. If any foreign citizen is member of NGO then to receive FCRA is not possible. NGOs can apply for FCRA even if they are having any foreigner as its member by following the terms of Home Ministry FCRA section. Though there are many terms given on the website of the Government FCRA Approval department are not included or printed in the Gazette notification but are placed by the circulars only. But the authorities in that case become more strict and vigilant in processing a FCRA application with certain parameters depend upon the declared and undeclared parameters of the Ruling Party and Ruling Political Authorities. However, very few authorities are given this chance of when the board members have a foreigner and yet it is a FCRA. It has Amendments, Permanent FCRA, FCRA Registration and Prior Permission which is required.

FCRA Registration Consultancy Service

To get registration for FCRA under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act the process is easy but NGO must have to fulfill the eligibility parameters and required documentation to get the approval for FCRA. However it is hard for a NGO to get a FCRA when it is having a foreigner as a trustee as there have been hardly few instances. There are few procedures and complicated situations that are needed to looked at when an organisation is claimed to be a FCRA. There are legislations in India which is related to this and need to be followed. So to know the loopholes better you need to understand the rules and the regulations. The formation of a FCRA, the registration, the members all need to be taken care of. Chanakya NGO Consultancy is providing Consultancy for FCRA Registration Service. FCRA Registration Consultancy Services include to prepare documentation, guide, help to prepare and proceed for the online submission of FCRA Registration to get eligibility for receiving foreign funds.

Can NGO get FCRA registration or prior permission if foreigners are member or trustee or director of applicant NGO?

According to FCRA website :
“Subject to relaxation given on a case to case basis, foreign nationals fulfilling the following conditions may be appointed as Executive Committee members, after obtaining prior approval of the Central Government:

i. the foreigner is married to an Indian citizen;
ii. the foreigner has been living and working in India for at least five years;
iii. the foreigner has made available his/her specialized knowledge, especially in the medical and health related fields on a voluntary basis in India, in the past;
iv. the foreigner is part of the Board of Trustees/Executive Committee in terms of the provisions in an inter-governmental agreement;
v. the foreigner is part of the Board of Trustee/Executive Committee, in an ex-officio capacity representing a multilateral body which is exempted from the definition of foreign source.
The need for such an appointment should, however, be adequately justified.”

Role of Consultancy for FCRA Registration Service is at Information and Documentation part

If any NGO wants to get a FCRA Registration Consultancy service then Chanakya can help out at Application and Documentation part only. As the Consultants who know the process and requirements for FCRA registration that provide documentation support and information of the process of the application for FCRA. Chanakya NGO Consultancy doesn’t assure any one to provide FCRA Registration and doesn’t entertain such persons and organisations who expect to provide FCRA beyond the legal applicable parameters. Chanakya guides to the NGO management for the eligibility criterias and required applicable parameters that are decided by Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Government of India. If the documentation are not available or not well prepared then required documentations are prepared including Annual reports and other as per the profile of the NGO.

Chanakya entertains the consultancy at ethical information dissemination and at documentation part only. If the NGO or organisation is entitle according the FCRA Authority then to provide the FCRA is the work of the FCRA Section of Ministry of Home Affairs of Government of India, no other can assure. So if the applicant NGO fulfills the required applicable rules and the the parameters (declared or undeclared) of FCRA Authorities then FCRA is possible if not then it is not possible. Chanakya only supports at the required documentation part including the past Annual Reports and other documents of NGO that are required to apply for FCRA Registration. Submission for the FCRA Registration is the main part of the Consultancy that is performed along with the presence of NGO management. The presence can be online or communication when required.

Consultancy to fulfill the parameters and requirements for FCRA Registration eligibility
Though in the website of FCRA Registration it is mentioned that NGOs do not take help of the Consultants but there are certain declared and undeclared parameters to get approval and disapproval of FCRA registration. In last few years the FCRA registration is approved or disapproved based on the undeclared parameters. So Chanakya Consultancy provides the information about the undeclared parameters also, along with other information about application and process, if it is necessary for the applicant NGO. The undeclared parameters are the based on political and social variables/aspects/ factors/ virtues of the members/ officials of applicant NGOs and the NGOs. So after getting consultancy and information about these past and unexpected parameters the NGO management has to decide that what is the solution and suitable time to apply to avoid such undeclared parameters.

Groups with certain aims and agenda are not eligible to get FCRA

Though MHA has some declared parameters but there are some groups who has certain aim and agendas to get foreign funding and do the other kind of works in India including change of religions and spread hate among the communities so these are not eligible to get FCRA. There are certain political and other targets of such groups so these are not under social development and social welfare. Such groups and organisations must not get FCRA. MHA is well defined new rules in the new amended Foreign Contribution Regulation Act to control such unlawful activities that are not in favour of the nation. In these case where the nationality is the priority issue and social ethical parameters must be followed and the legal issue must not be violated then the restriction are legitimate and we must respect the justified parameters to keep unity of our nation and to keep maintain the unity of our society with social and cultural aspects.

Consultancy for FCRA for NGOs want to get foreign funds for social welfare and social

NGOs and social entrepreneurs who want to do social development and social welfare work according to the parameters of Government of India then we can help and provide consultancy services for that.

Maintain FCRA Registration and Return Submission
For any kind of help or clarification like NGOs already having FCRA still and need the help in some regarding Filing of Annual Returns so they can contact Chanakya team. Chanakya consultants would help, guide and consult NGOs in the best way they can that their matter can resolve through required documentation consulting and submission of returns for NGO regarding FCRA.

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