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NGO Registration

Trust Registration

  • Charitable Trust Registration
  • National Level Trust Documentation
  • Supplementary Trust Deed
  • Trust at Charity Commissioner
  • Devsthan Trust Rajasthan

Society Registration

  • Memorandum of Association and Bye-Laws of Society
  • Society Registration at Charity Commissioner
  • Amendments in Society Memorandum and Bye-Laws
  • Changes and Amendments in Status from State to National
  • Annual Report Submission
  • Inclusion and Exclusion of Members

Non Profit Company Regn

  • NGO as Non Profit Section 8 Company
  • Digital signature certificates (DSC)
  • Director Identification Number (DIN)
  • Submission of Return at ROC

Resolutions for Meetings

  • Resolution General Body
  • Resolution for Governing Executive Body
  • Resolution for Bank Account
  • Resolutions for New Programmes
  • Resolutions of Meetings and Decisions

Bank Account Guidance

Annual Report and Profile

  • Annual Report Preparation
  • Annual Report as Profile of NGO
  • NGO Profile preparation

Account and Income

  • NGO Accounting
  • Separate Manage Account for other than Social Work
  • Separate Account for FCRA
  • Accounting and Audit Report Preparation
  • Income Tax Return

Tax Exemption Registration

Empanelment for Funding

  • Emplacement/Registration in NGO Darpan/Niti Ayog
  • Registration in National Trust for PwDs Divyang
  • Registration in Government Ministries

FCRA Registration

  • Documentation Consultancy for FCRA and  for Prior Permission FCRA
  • FCRA Annual Returns

Project Proposal for Fund

Fund Raising Programmes

  • Fund Raising Events for Funding
  • Fund Raising Campaigns
  • Project Implementation Guidance

Trademark – Copyright

  • Trademark Registration
  • Copyright Registration Consultancy
  • ISO Certification

Website Development

  • Website Development of NGO
  • Social Media Services
All type of Documentation and Consultancy Work for NGO including management and projects

NPO - NGO Registration

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Before start you have to know and decide why you want to form and start NGO:

To form and start the NGO you have to decide that you can run and manage well after formation of the NGO. Before starting you have to decide that why you want to form the NGO. If you want to do social work based on general social welfare objectives initially with your own resources and with help of the team and the supporters then you can proceed to start NGO for social development and welfare work for society.

Are you capable to run and manage the NGO?
You have to decide that you are capable enough to run and manage the NGO after forming it. If you have limited resources then you can work with other NGOs ad volunteer or employee f that NGO. If you are not sure and have limited resources but still want t register NGO then you can take Chanakya’s Consultancy Service for NGO Registration, so we can better guide and cosnult you to ran, manage the NGO

How to proceed to form NGO you have to follow the process:

First you have to decide
1. Purpose : Decide the purpose to form and run NGO.
You have to decide the mission, vision, specific aims and objectives then you can decide to make it. You can decide your main aims as priority focus objective and also have to include other common objectives to form the NGO. What is inspiration to form NGO on that you have decided to form the NGO.  If you have any specific issue in your area or community then you can focus on that and form the NGO to work to resolve the issues that you are noticing and people are facing. You have to be a leader of the organisation with the purpose of social welfare and development.
Priority focus area of Aims : Decide the priority focus area to which you want to work for long. Based on that you can get funds in future from Government and different funding agencies. The work process in particular sector and aim matter to get fund for which you are working with concentration. The area of focus in the last tenure and years matters most to get grant for/in that specific purpose or aim or sector.
2. Working Area : Decide the area and locality of working to provide social service for the mission, vision and the aims. You have to decide and specify the working area of the sector at you want to work presently and in future. If you have more capable team members to work in different areas then you can elaborate and extend your working area.
3. Team Members : Decide who shall be the founder members of NGO. The founders are the main team leaders to run and move ahead towards the task you are forming the social welfare group as NGO.
Number of Members : Decide the number of members that want to work as your associates and as partners in social change making and social development process by the NGO that you are going to form and run.
Availability of Minimum Members : You have to decide the number of minimum members required in specific registration process there is no limitation of maximum number but in certain process have to follow certain parameters to add or remove new or more members. In Trust it is easy to add remove more members. In Society also but have to follow the certain rules and guidelines.
Can add more members : The team members can be increased later-on when your like minded people meet and decide to work with you.
4. Registration Office : Decide the Registration Office. The office of NGO registration can be residential area or commercial area. There some certain different parameters of the office of the NGO.
5. Availability of Resources : Decide the resources and parameters you can afford based on which you have to start for change making and welfare process. Initially you have to invest or have to do expenditure for the work, process and resources to start and go ahead to achieve the aim. After that you can get the funds from your supporters.
6. Supporters : Decide the supporters of NGO for which you can get help, time as volunteer, donation as funds and resources.
7. Decide Registration Process : You have to confirm that under which process you want to get registration that will be easy in registration process; easy before registration, during registration and after registration. Easy means no unnecessary unwanted clerical process, that results in unnecessary time killing and resource consumption including corruption to not delay and to not submit unwanted documents that are not well defined under any law but are based on the desires of the officials of the Registrar offices.
Which registration is best you have to decide Trust, Society or Non Profit Company. Trust is recommended as it is best registration process and option but you have to decide according to your choice.
8. Name of the NGO : Decide the Name of the NGO. Any name can be registered under Trust Act as there is no limitation ion law and Trust Act for the Name. But the name must not be equal to any Government name under Emblem Act.
Not Similar and Alternative Names for Society : Name in the Society must not be equal to the name of the previously registered society in that particular jurisdiction of the Registrar of Society. The name can be similar to name of already registered in other registration jurisdiction and registrar of society. So more than one names are to be given for the name of the Society to get registration for.
The names can be given three to six-seven names. Before that it can be checked about the available name for registration.
Unique Name must be for the Non Profit Company : The name of the Non Profit Section 8 Company can be checked online to get registration with that name. Similar name of Non Profit or For Profit Company can not be used in Registrar of Companies under Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).
Avoid name similar to Government name : The name of the NGO can not be used as the name similar to nay Government name but there are some unwanted certain parameters in Delhi. Though in Delhi the restriction with certain names can be there with certain words because of the political parameters and unwanted process, beyond the legal parameters, that is decided by political parameters only and the clerks/employees of some Ministry/Department have to do to interrupt the Social work. So the concerned registrar can send the Registration documents to the concerned Central Government Ministry to follow and the unwanted circulars issued to the Registrars by the so called authorities of Ministry especially Consumer Affair Ministry in the name of Emblem Act. The unwanted interruption is created even the name is not under the Emblem Act. The same Undeclared agenda and process is applied here that there is something not specified in any law or Act then the officials and clerks can make unwanted interference according to their will and will or the person who are governing them; such persons include the Government employees of higher grade, political leader who are minister or running the Government or the political party who has some undeclared work and ideas to control through such unwanted process.

When You have decided to Form then you have to Register your NGO

For Registration the following resources and informations are required:
1. Identity proofs (IDs) with Address Proof : Have to collect the Identity proofs (IDs) with Address Proof of the Members/ Trustees/ Directors of the Trust / Society Non Profit Company / Charity Organisation as NGO.
Self attested photocopies of IDs of members are required with original ID in registrar office at the time of registration. In some area and process the original IDs are not necessary but it is part of the regular process.
The IDs can be Aadhar Cards, Voter Cards, Passport or Driving License. Keep in mind that at some where in particular registration offices some specific IDs are required. Reason – where the law specially doesn’t specify about any issue then the desire of the registrars and their associates matter. This is applied on many other things also.
2. Photographs : Collect Two passport size photographs of each member.
3. Address of the Office : Based on the decided Office for Registration purpose of Organisation you have to arrange the Address of the Office. You can arrange the office of NGO your residential place/ house or any other residential area or commercial place. Based on some certain different parameters of the office of the NGO you have to consult about this to the NGO Consultant that what and where is to be the office allowed by the concerned registrar/ authority. Initially the NGO office can be at any address but if it is your permanent address or the address of you associates or relative or known person then you arrange that for office purpose. In future it can be changed at anytime whenever it is required.
4. Administrative Office (Not necessary / Optional if desired or applicable) : In Trust you can also arrange and place the Administrative Office along with the Registration office. The administrative office can be from anywhere including your permanent residential place where you reside or want to work apart from the registered office. Sometimes the registered office is required in certain area, as for the national level NGO the office in National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT) so in that case one another address can be added as additional address.
5. Purposes / Aims / Objectives : Based on the decided Purposes / Aims / Objectives you have to prepare list of the Aims and Objectives of the NGO like Education, Health, Environment Conservation and Protection, Rural Development, Welfare of Children, Women, Old Aged People, Persons with Disabilities (PwD), Yoga, Awareness on Social issues, Animal Welfare and other Social Welfare and Social Development Objectives.

For Formation and Registration you have to take Consultancy
If you want to form, register and run NGO in India as a organised group of social change makers and leaders then you have to take Consultancy Service for NGO Formation and Registration process. To run and manage like a organised firm the NGO after formation you should have to take Consultancy services. When you take our Consultancy Service to form, register, run and manage the NGO then you can move at a pattern to achieve your goals and targets by getting resources and funding that is necessary to run and manage NGO. Yo can Contact Consultancy Services.

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