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The name of the NGO can not be similar to the names and words of Government names, banned names for use, restricted names mentioned under Emblem Act or any other act. If the name is not in or under any restriction and the semi skilled registrar or Babus make any objection then it can be challenged to take the same decided name. So the founder members decides to register NGO with a certain name, in this case if the authorised Registrars or Registration Authorities of Government refuse, deny or make it pending for certain time then it is responsibility of the Registrar, his concerned authorities and the responsibility of the founder members who wish to register with the exact decided certain ‘objectionable’ name. In this case we do not take responsibility at our consulting part but we suggest and recommend that founder must use the recommended names of NGO.

If the registrar or concerned authorities have any objection and denial on the name then the founder have to change the name for the NGO. To get any name with surely is not responsibility and liability of Consultants or Consultancy. We do not assure anyone to get the exact name that are similar to Government names or similar to restricted names under Emblem Act. We can legally challenge if the Registrar of any concerned registration authority denies to register certain names that are already registered with certain words, and in that case any rules or laws such as Emblem Act or any other act do not applicable or the such required names can not be refused or denied on legal parameters. So the founder of NGO who wish to Register NGO and aim to work as the positive change maker in society, must be ready to face and challenge such ‘Babugiri’ that is not part of any law.

NGO Consultants and Consultancy can and will challenge such matter in front of the responsible authority or can challenge in court for justice with the consent of the founders or their representatives. To challenge such issues that are not part of regular registration process and that part will be the under the legal consulting work and process, apart from the Registration Consulting. So it will be legally challenged with the consent of the founder and the separate consulting fee will be applicable whatever that is decided with mutual concern.