Consultancy Services for NGO Registration, NGO Funding, Fund Raising, Project Proposals, FCRA, 80G 12A

The formation of a nonprofit organization or company comes under the provisions of Indian Companies Act, 1975. This type of organization or company is suitable for all the activities which leads to micro-finance and economic welfare. Though there is no profit in this organization but there is a complete procedure which they need to follow starting from the documentation, strategies, objectives, HRD, IT, forum, monitoring, publicity, administrative management, meeting and many more.

The fundraising of this type of institutions have a large demand and the ideas that are needed to it. There are host of these organizations who are in constant search to raise money in new ways. Chanakya have worked with a number of nonprofit organizations and have delivered them fund raising. If NGOs want to receive any help from our end Chanakya would be glad to be at your service and provides the support. From the certification, registration to the documentation Chanakya team memers are there to help. Chanakya will make the organisation succeed with the fundraising part or any other trouble that it might be in.

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