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Chanakya NGO Consultancy is well experienced to register Trust. The Public Charitable Trust is the best recommended formation and registered establishment as Non Governement Organisation (NGO). Trust Registration requires legal formalities that are needed to follow. A trust can have its perpetual existence after the registration has been done. It could never be revoked once it is created legitimately. There are acts under which a trust of India can have their activities outside India. However there are legal methods and rules that is needed to follow and there are legislations which come under the perspective of Income Tax.

A trust is not regulated by an authority and so there is no requirement of filing returns with the registering authority. However, the trust has to file their annual returns as required under the FCR Act, 1976 and Income Tax Act, 1961. A trust can be created by any person who is hard working and competent enough to make a contract. A body, group, institution, limited company can form a trust. A minimum of two members are required to form a trust. There could be a charitable trust that could be created targeting the objectives that have been assigned.
A trust can be formed with a document having it duly signed by the trustees and it can be formed with the help of a will as well. The intentions and the objectives of the trustees need to be very clear, competent and unambiguous.

There is no problem of a foreigner becoming a trustee. A person capable of making a contract can form a trust. If it is a trust or the founders are trying to form one they can definitely reach Chanakya with the clarification or if there is any help needed. Starting from the registration to the formation of a trust Chanakya will be there to support them through out.

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