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Equipped with highly energetic professionals with relevant credentials, Chanakya NGO Consultancy caters to every individual and specific need of NGO clients. The talented experts of Chanakya listen and resolve to specific problems, needs, issues or troubles that are faced by the organisers of Non-Profit Organisations and the issues of the process causing them in building and managing the organisations. Depending on the need of the institution or the organisation Chanakya provides to NGOs from conducting a feasibility study, to launching a major campaign along with perfect strategies, or simply to enhance an existing fundraising program with the advanced techniques. Chanakya is proud to help the clients in regard to legal issues and sponsorship.

Non-Profit Organisations (NGOs) have a vision that is imagined by the visionary in objectives. To implement the visions NGOs need a pathfinder to show them clear way and achieve the well set goals. The team will help NGOs to produce real change that they can maintain. Chanakya’s guidance and consultancy for NGOs is enough to boost the strength and show a way that leads them to achieve a future as they require.

The proposals are individually formulated for the valued customers all across the country. Chanakya team conducts research and provides support. The status and satisfaction is acquired through the experience over the years of hard work. The strategies save crucial time of NGO leaders and it can make them satisfy with joyous and loving fundraising experience. Commitment to the clients and providing them custom support along with resolving documentation problem is the sole priority. Happy set of clients prove the incessant assistance they have got throughout in the course of the work. Chanakya understands that professional relationship does not have only commerce in between but the healthy relationship with clients gives the zeal to move forward and establish a valued bonding.

Chanakya’s precise support in identification of a project, designing it along with strategies, implementation of the strategies and finally sustainability and fund raising will serve all the needs and requirements of NGOs and Social Organisations.

Chanakya Consultancy helps Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to focus more on the programmes, initiatives and leave the fundraising part on the experts. Chanakya provides all types of technical support for strengthening the capacities in terms of keeping complete certification, documentation, accountancy, information technology and monitoring and evaluating the project planning along with the implementation of the strategies. Income Tax related issues and accounting part is also supported by our consultants including investment, book keeping, accounting, Preparation and Submission of Audit Reports and Income Tax returns.

Chanakya provides NGO Consultancy for all kinds of registrations, certifications, approvals, affiliations, licenses, permits, recognitions etc that are required to achieve the goals of NGOs. NGOs can bank on its expert professionals who with their expertise will provide them optimum financial contribution from interested supporters.

Chanakya Consultancy provides consultants to NGOs who are master in skills like providing information and facilitation. The consultants ensure them a complete strategy to achieve project just the way they have imagined that to, in quite smoothly and comfortable process. Issues related to legal and technological part would be completely resolved by the experts and the NGO managers would find a service that gives entire support to organise the NGO they always wanted to have with quality management. The satisfaction of the NGO management always allow Chanakya team to serve in the matter of establishing strength and stability of NGOs.

The organisations might stay in any part of India all they can do is just contact the team to suggest them and work with their Non Government Organisation project and be satisfied like thousands of organisations. Chanakya believes that to be a part of NGO project and help them is to build a community that will serve the nation is some more better way. The quest and intentions are as clear as that.

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