Consultancy Services for NGO Registration, NGO Funding, Fund Raising, NGO Projects, Documentation

NGO Consultancy Services

NGO Registration

Trust Registration

  • Charitable Trust Registration
  • National Level Trust Documentation
  • Supplementary Trust Deed
  • Trust at Charity Commissioner
  • Devsthan Trust Rajasthan

Society Registration

  • Memorandum of Association and Bye-Laws of Society
  • Society Registration at Charity Commissioner
  • Amendments in Society Memorandum and Bye-Laws
  • Changes and Amendments in Status from State to National
  • Annual Report Submission
  • Inclusion and Exclusion of Members

Non Profit Company Regn

  • NGO as Non Profit Company – Section 8
  • Digital signature certificates (DSC)
  • Director Identification Number (DIN)
  • Submission of Return at ROC

Resolutions for Meetings

  • Resolution General Body
  • Resolution for Governing Executive Body
  • Resolution for Bank Account
  • Resolutions for New Programmes
  • Resolutions of Meetings and Decisions

Bank Account Guidance

Annual Report and Profile

  • Annual Report Preparation
  • Annual Report as Profile of NGO
  • NGO Profile preparation

Account and Income

  • NGO Accounting
  • Separate Manage Account for other than Social Work
  • Separate Account for FCRA
  • Accounting and Audit Report Preparation
  • Income Tax Return

Tax Exemption Registration

Empanelment for Funding

  • Emplacement/Registration in NGO Darpan/Niti Ayog
  • Registration in National Trust for PwDs Divyang
  • Registration in Government Ministries

FCRA Registration

  • Documentation Consultancy for FCRA and  for Prior Permission FCRA
  • FCRA Annual Returns

Project Proposal for Fund

Fund Raising Programmes

  • Fund Raising Events for Funding
  • Fund Raising Campaigns
  • Project Implementation Guidance

Trademark – Copyright

  • Trademark Registration
  • Copyright Registration Consultancy
  • ISO Certification

Website Development

  • Website Development of NGO
  • Social Media Services
All type of Documentation and Consultancy Work for NGO including management and projects

NGO & NGO Registration

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NGO Consultancy

Our Specialisation, Experience and Expertise in the following areas and sectors related to NGO Consultancy Services:

NGO Registration

We provide guidance and preparation of Aims and Objective for the NGO after discussion and based on the specific vision of Stake Holders who wish to focus and work on the certain specific issues and Objectives. Prepare and include other general objectives, many of them are correlated to each other and may be necessary for any project requirement for the funding agency. For NGO Registration we prepare the documents of memorandum and Article of Association according to the current laws, rules, government policies and parameters of the funding agencies and Income-Tax department requirements. While we are preparing the memorandum and the Deed for the Registration of NGO we keep in mind the present legal parameters and social issues that are required in present and future time. The rules, regulations and laws have been changing time to time for NGOs and charity organisation so keep prepare and maintain the documents according to the legal and social requirements. We prepare different documents for different stakeholders of different NGOs according to their specific requirements if they have any. We include general and area/ sector special topic and issues in the objectives of the NGOs so there cannot be any undue matter at the time of project funding.

Project Proposal for Grants

We prepare Project Proposal for Grant Schemes in such a way and pattern that they can be based on the first priority and choice of the donor and funding agency to select it for sanctioning. We prepare the project in accordance with the perspective of the head and key persons who approve the project such as Government authorities, Private Funding Agencies and Corporate Social Responsibility Project units. The project pattern and explanation of various issues and the main objective of the project in connection with the concern project area are highlighted in such a way that the donors have to approve it on a priority basis.

Project Planning, Mapping and Designing

Project planning, mapping of the area with the interconnection of the project and designing is done in an effective way, such that the amount of the sanction of the project can be accepted as desired by the applicant. The recommendation and inclusion in the budget of the various leads are mentioned according to the needs of the area in a justified way so that the budget is not reduced, in cases where there is a need for a required budget in the project to implement in a result oriented effective way.

NGO Management

NGO management is the base root of any planning, procedure and implementation of the vision and mission of the social entrepreneurs for which they decide and work to implement their ideas to make social changes in the society. Management part is the most effective and base of the success of NGO.

Improve Status and Profile of NGO

With a long term experience of more than two decades, we know how to improve the status of the NGOs. The status can be improved by strategic planning and by selecting the suitable manner to implement the planning in the available circumstances and conditions. The status improvement process of the NGO makes a useful and suitably acceptable profile of the NGO which results in recognition and a recommended plethora of sectors. Many NGOs work perfectly, however, when it comes to their documentation, the actual and real work is not indicated. We guide and prepare the profile of the NGO so that it is helpful in the future to get funding and associate with more like-minded persons and stakeholders to carry forward in more effective manner.

NGO Profile preparation

There are some certain format to explain the vision, mission, aims, objectives, working area, way of working, issues on the NGO is working on: activities and programmes the NGO has been performing and many achievements the NGO has been achieved till date, there are many future perspectives on which the NGO has to work and move ahead along with the target groups and beneficiaries; those are the parts, tools and material we include in the profile of NGO.

Funding Planning and Scope Analysis

There are some different requirements and there are some priority based requirements of the specific areas and of specific issues. Some of the issues are common, some are specific according to the area, some are innovative and some are area and topic specific issues; which we find out by discussing with the members and stakeholders of NGO, sometimes by visiting the area and sometimes discussing the people living and surviving in the areas and circumstances. After finding out the scope of Project in the working area of NGO it is better to prepare the project and submit at concerned funding partner. According to different priority there are many different priorities and pre-decided schemes of the funding agencies and Government Ministries so according to the area and issues, we prepare the plans by discussing with the NGO management and analyse the scope for funding from the related fund providers and donors on the specific and common issues based on the areas. Some common issues can be identified according to the current status and profile of the NGO, social status of the NGO team and their supporters. Based on the factual scenario and needs we prepare planning after analysing many factors so that it can be processed for funding and other kind support.

To get the Funding and Apply for Project Schemes

We guide NGOs and the activists who work with NGOs on how, when, where and which kind of funding can be acquired by following what kind of processes as far as documentation, practical background, participation of local communities, support of social and political factors are concerned, also with generous supporters associated with government bodies who wish to support NGOs with social welfare. We also guide on how to apply for them and how the funding projects are to be prepared and what are the requirements to prepare and submit the projects all these things are included in the support and consultancy part to get funding through the projects.

Inform and Guide for Funding Projects and Schemes of Government Ministries

There are some projects, schemes and opportunities to get fund and support for various areas and on various issues from many funding agencies, government agencies, CSR projects and many other agencies including local at panchayat level, municipal level, block level, regional, state, national level and at interconnection level as foreign funding, we provide information, notifications, share, communicate, exchange and consult with NGO and organisations. There are some schemes available for a certain period for which we update to them who wish to apply for to get the schemes.

Information of Grant Schemes of Funding Agencies

Some funding agencies regularly provide funding according to their performance and selective and general topics. Some national and foreign funding agencies have some different issue based funding schemes. The representatives of funding communicate and find out the deserving NGOs and teams to provide the funds for them so it can be utilised properly as they wish and provide for the reason and aim. We regularly get updated and provide information and guidelines to NGO and their team members so they can approach the donor agencies.

Support to get Funding through Projects

There are some certain, defined and required guidelines of Government funding agencies and other donors. So the projects can be approved only those applicant NGOs who fulfil the guidelines and parameters. Sometimes some NGOs apply for the project but they do not submit the documents and the justification to get the projects so the projects cannot be accepted. We guide the NGO project teams that how to perform and complete the project and how to submit the required project so the time, energy  and money wasted on such projects can be converted in result oriented course and practice.

Prepare Project Proposals

The Project Proposal for Grant to be submitted to the funding agencies and ministries must be specific and area/issue oriented. The project must not be a copy of some other prepared project. In such most cases, this is the main reason for rejection of the project.  Sometimes the valuation and documentation included in the project do not deserve according to the donor agency so it can be rejected. There are many reasons. We guide, consult and prepare the project to reach  potential that are the most required things to accomplish in a proposal by following the instructions precisely in a compatible manner, including the implementation and long-term plan to proceed the practices after completion of the project. and this can be processed with clearly showing and explaining the justified result orientation based on the benefits according to the donor agency.

Guide for capacity building of NGO and Stake Holders

The NGO can achieve the targets and be successful if the members and the team of the NGO are capable of managing, monitor and implement the tasks they are planning to, they have and they are associated with the project. SO we guide, train and provide resources and opportunities for the NGO team and the office bearers to run and manage the organisations in proper expected and desired path that can go to the decided targets and can achieve success in their mission by implementing the objectives in a well-managed way.

Consulting to work on various concern issues in specific areas

We provide guidance and consulting service to the members, associates and the leaders of the target groups to identify the issues and after identifying to resolve the issues in the working areas and nearby of the organisation. So the NGO team can work in a classified and organised pattern that they can work in participation with other stakeholders and beneficiaries with the support of the well wishers and donors. Some areas have some issues like poverty and backwardness in the current socio-economic status of that area, and in the measure, poverty elimination, financial upliftment and improvement of the circumstantial conditions of rural and urban areas different issues are there based on the locality. With the experience and past results, we guide the organisations to move ahead and implement the issue in an effective and result oriented manner.

Guidance and Support on policy related and advocacy issues

We guide and consult desired NGOs and their members and the specific persons who have been working and wish to work on positive change making process, on policies, improvement in policies and plans according to the current and future circumstances that can result to archive the goals of successful and desired equal status based society. There are some specific issues that can be project based in future as an experience of the organisation so how to work and document on the tasks in an organised pattern in decided tenure. There are many common issues so we guide stakeholders regarding how the NGO can participate and work for the policy related issues. On those global issues like the environment, women equality and issues tor well being of human beings are supported by funding agencies so we provide support and consult the NGO teams to work on that issues to raise awareness and further ensure public participation in the issues. We do not support some specific creed, community and area based issues that are not in legal and ethical parameters and against the other people of society. We only support and consult the policy and advocacy issues those are for wellness on all common parameters based on the majority of the part of the community and society. Many NGOs and stakeholders participated and worked as advocacy based with public participation so they have achieved the targets and implemented them on certain parameters like the ‘Right to Information’ and other such issues.

Consultancy on various social programme

NGO Consultancy support, discuss and provide consulting on the various social programmes such as health, Education, Energy, Water, Livelihood Improvement, Environment Protection, Forestry, Wild Life, Yoga, Art and Craft, Protection of Cultural Heritage, Child Development, Welfare of Old Aged, Old Age Homes, Welfare of Physically Challenged Divyang Persons, Social Justice, Human Rights, Open and Run Schools, Centres, Institutions, Colleges and Universities, Hospital, Shelter Homes, Stay Homes, Natural Resource Management That Includes Agriculture and Farming, Rural Development, Social Awareness Issues, Research and Development, Relief of Poverty and Distress, Social Welfare, Social Empowerment, Animal Welfare, Handicraft, Vocational Education and Training Programmes, Employment Generation Projects, Income Generation Programmes and Other Social Welfare and Development Programmes. To work and implement the programme there is a requirement of appropriate strategies, policies and institutional frameworks for development co-operation, so we guide and support in this regard.

To implement planning, Work policy, Procedure and Strategy for NGO

To achieve the target and get success in the mission of NGO, there should be  prepared the strategy. We support and consult NGOs to prepare a strategy and we guide and prepare work policies and procedure to run and implement strategy in a different and common sector. To implement the planning in a well-managed strategic format and scope it can get the expected result so this is useful and the NGO who have long term background and expecting to work as long term basis they have to prepare a strategy and implement it. A short guidance can help in the most defective way.

Project Implementation

When NGOs get the projects we consult and guide to implement the projects according to the guidelines and parameters of funding agencies that it can turn into the result oriented project and NGO can lead to getting the rest of the part continuously to complete the target and perform its key role. As a result of the proper implementation of the projects the opportunities to get more projects and to make changes and get mission target fulfil it is required to implement the project in a transparent way and a result oriented way.

Developing and Implementing the Monitoring & Evaluation Plan

We design and develop result-oriented Monitoring & Evaluation (M & E) by choosing indicators that describe the calumniation of the indicator. For developing and implementing an M&E plan we describe the resources and capacity that is necessary and clearly, assess how M&E findings are and can be effectively disseminated and utilised. Our prepared M & E system plan helps to ensure the efficient implementation of the project to reach the intended target groups and clear the achievement of intended objectives of the project. To monitor the use of project inputs, the effectiveness of the project implementation process, production of project outputs we assess project impacts on the target communities, assess the effectiveness of project outputs in producing the intended short-term and long-term impacts and assess the extent to which these impacts can be attributed to the effects of the project. We prepare M & E plan by indicators, tools and to find out the desired result (evaluation). We prepare M & E plan with prioritising M & E strengthening activities and monitoring implementation progress and monitoring progress in M&E implementation.

Prepare Process Evaluation and Evaluation Reports

It is well known that Evaluation is a privileged tool for identifying the most effective and efficient ways of managing and fostering development assistance. During the projects, NGOs have to submit the Progress and Evaluation report to the funding agency so the funding can be continued and it can be useful for present justification of utilisation of fund and future association and recognition from other agencies as well.Evaluation Reports are prepared in a thoughtful, well researched, well organised and objectively evaluate what worked what is in the process. In evaluation report Support recommendations we include the specific findings and action-oriented recommendations. We focus the contents and the structure with finding and recommendation of the project to implement it in more effective and result oriented way.

Impact assessment Report of Projects

We conduct an Evaluability Assessment with the most appropriate methodology through the causal model for the project activities to be covered under the impact assessment by determining the project implemented in the time period and with the expected outputs, outcomes, and impacts to assess the project activities and outcome impacts of the project. We adopt such process documentation so impact assessment can be worthwhile and results in potential credibility. For impact assessment, we carry out the field research and analyse results by including impact assessment survey and complementary qualitative data collection activities, principally key informant interviews and focus group discussions. For the qualitative research, we organise the responses, summarise them and pointing out general trends. To disseminate the Impact Assessment Findings we prepare a report on impact assessment to generate value based information and find out the outcome through be disseminated effectively.

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