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12A Registration is a onetime registration that can exempt Income Tax of an organisation. After this registration all income shall not be taxable. The application form that is being used to apply for 12A Registration is form 10A. The application takes about 3- 4 months. Application for the purpose of registration under section 12A can be applied to the Commissioner of Income tax department (Exemption) having jurisdiction over the institution.

The procedure of getting a registration done requires few steps that are to be followed first by duly filing in the application form and then submitting it to the respective department. The NGO then receives the notice for clarification which is received two or three months after the submission. The relevant reply to the clarifications is to be submitted to the respective Income Tax dept. by the consultant along with the supporting documents. The consultant is to visit the department personally to follow up the application status until the exemption certificate is issued to them.

For all this purpose what is required is constant follow up with the Income Tax department. This is generally done by the consultants who have been hired. So if you stay anywhere in India you can definitely shoulder this work and Chanakya will get you the exemption certificate. As this is for life time so no more tension or bugging for you and you are free from filing tax returns. Chanakya will also assist you filing the form and the supporting documents that are required for the clarification part. You can jolly well give this responsibility to Chanakya team and be rest assured that your work would be done in the time that is maximum required. Our consultants will also help you in any other regard that is related to the 12A registration of NGO.

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