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NGO Consultancy Services

NGO Registration

Trust Registration

  • Charitable Trust Registration
  • National Level Trust Documentation
  • Supplementary Trust Deed
  • Trust at Charity Commissioner
  • Devsthan Trust Rajasthan

Society Registration

  • Memorandum of Association and Bye-Laws of Society
  • Society Registration at Charity Commissioner
  • Amendments in Society Memorandum and Bye-Laws
  • Changes and Amendments in Status from State to National
  • Annual Report Submission
  • Inclusion and Exclusion of Members

Non Profit Company Regn

  • NGO as Non Profit Company – Section 8
  • Digital signature certificates (DSC)
  • Director Identification Number (DIN)
  • Submission of Return at ROC

Resolutions for Meetings

  • Resolution General Body
  • Resolution for Governing Executive Body
  • Resolution for Bank Account
  • Resolutions for New Programmes
  • Resolutions of Meetings and Decisions

Bank Account Guidance

Annual Report and Profile

  • Annual Report Preparation
  • Annual Report as Profile of NGO
  • NGO Profile preparation

Account and Income

  • NGO Accounting
  • Separate Manage Account for other than Social Work
  • Separate Account for FCRA
  • Accounting and Audit Report Preparation
  • Income Tax Return

Tax Exemption Registration

Empanelment for Funding

  • Emplacement/Registration in NGO Darpan/Niti Ayog
  • Registration in National Trust for PwDs Divyang
  • Registration in Government Ministries

FCRA Registration

  • Documentation Consultancy for FCRA and  for Prior Permission FCRA
  • FCRA Annual Returns

Project Proposal for Fund

Fund Raising Programmes

  • Fund Raising Events for Funding
  • Fund Raising Campaigns
  • Project Implementation Guidance

Trademark – Copyright

  • Trademark Registration
  • Copyright Registration Consultancy
  • ISO Certification

Website Development

  • Website Development of NGO
  • Social Media Services

All type of Documentation and Consultancy Work for NGO including management and projects

NGO Jobs
NGO Jobs
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35AC Registration/ 35 AC Project

Government of India had approval Tax Deduction under section 35 AC the Income Tax Act (Presently Finance Act). The donors can get tax reabate of 100% and more in the section 35AC and subsections of Finance Act. This helps a NGO to have potential donors. The entire section of 35 AC is one such useful benefit that could be availed by a NGO to support their donors. This makes the donors save their tax through the donation that they offer to the Non Government Organizations (NGOs).

If a NGO succeeds in getting an approval like this then it stands a very good chance of mobilizing funds from the business and corporate sector. Business houses offering contribution like these are approved with projects which are allowed the benefits of deducting such contribution as expenditure. So there are many NGO who take the advantage of this to attract donors who want to be of help to a cause but generally do not move their first step because they do not receive any benefits from the Income Tax dept. A 35AC registration is crucial for those NGOs who have a large number of corporate donors. This makes their NGO more reachable and more spread out in a society.

There are ways in which the entire application procedure is done along with submitting the supporting documents which is provided to the department with two set of application. There are consultants of Chanakya NGO consultancy who would be there to help NGOs in this regard. A National Committee has been constituted by the Central Government to identify the projects and the schemes that can be notified under section 35AC. Such a committee normally consists of well known person. All NGOs can to apply to the National Committee to get their projects or their schemes approved. Thus, any organization can draw the benefits of 35AC Registration.

Rebate in 35 AC is not applicable so New Applications are not being accepted

According to the Present order of Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) the approval beyond 31 March 2017 under section 35AC of the Income Tax Act shall not be considered or entertained; that means the 35 AC deduction shall not be applicable. So presently CBDT is not accepting new Registrations US 35 AC to get tax rebate.
You can check the revocation detail and order here: REVOCATION ORDER FOR 35 AC

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